Baked Up: Austin-based Company Supplies Sweet Treats and Sick Beats

August 8, 2019 Meghan Huffman 0 Comments

The underground scene in Austin, Texas is teeming with talent, and Baked Up has found a way to stir it all together and make it just a little sweeter. Founded in 2017 by Sydney Rogers, Baked Up does it all: artist management, merch, and events complete with delicious treats. Once an executive pastry chef, Sydney created Baked Up as a way to combine her two passions: baking and music. Sydney has been in the kitchen since she was eight years old, teaching herself countless recipes for any type of dessert imaginable. Her days spent baking as a pastry chef were followed by nights watching her friends DJ. The cycle inspired Sydney to take her creativity in the kitchen and spread it to the music industry. Baked Up will be bringing two of its artists, Saratonin and Zkosta, to Quasar Festival this October. 

Baked Up’s events help the underground scene in Austin flourish. Local Texan artists have the chance to perform, whether it be behind the DJ decks, live painting, or through dance. Their events are also a haven for the flow arts, as LED flow is welcomed at every show. Performing artists receive surprise cakes designed with them in mind; Figure, Dr. Fresch, and Dirtyphonics are among the slew of artists that have indulged in Baked Up’s custom creations. The attendees also leave satisfied: cookie cakes, Rice Krispie Treats and Fruity Pebble Rice Krispie Treats are all passed out for free. 

Fostering a strong sense of community and creating a judgement-free zone are the central tenets of Baked Up’s events. The team, dubbed the “Sugaa Squaad” puts in the extra effort to make sure that everyone who walks into the venue feels like they can express themselves freely.

“To us, weird is good. Normal is good. Everything in between is good. Loving one another is so important to us and that mentality carries over in everything we do. If you treat people with kindness and respect, you will fit right in at any of our events. Good vibes are what we are all about.” 

-Sydney Rogers, Baked Up Founder
Sydney Rogers, Founder and Chief Baker at Baked Up LLC

Baked Up’s artist roster is an embodiment of the familial environment created at its events. It’s currently home to five diverse Texan artists: Gizmø, Ron Austin, Gratum, Saratonin, and Zkosta. This artist roster doesn’t cater only to a certain genre, instead managing artists that produce and DJ different genres in order to book a multitude of different events. Both Zkosta and Saratonin will be featured on Quasar’s lineup, where they’ll give attendees a taste of Baked Up’s style.


Zkosta has been behind the decks since 2008, breaking boundaries with his unique sound, mixing style, and versatility. His high-energy sets are laden with original tracks, as well as impeccably incorporated scratching. His tracks have been featured on radio stations such as BBC 1 and Diplo and Friends. Zkosta has opened for a plethora of artists that span a multitude of genres, including Oliver Heldens, Deorro, Dada Life, and Chris Lake.


Saratonin’s sets take her audience on a ride. Her signature style meshes everything from deep dubstep to strikingly melodic tunes. Her explosive energy on stage is matched by the tremendous basslines she unleashes on the audience. Opening for DJs such as Virtual Riot, Zeds Dead, and Subtronics, she’s made her imprint on Texas’ bass music scene. Both artists have unreleased music to sprinkle into sets, and are looking forward to showcasing their sound on the Blackland Ranch. 

Baked Up will be bringing its high spirits to Quasar this October, along with merch and a couple of giveaways. A treat for all attendees, Baked Up’s addition will amplify the celebration of art of all forms at Quasar.

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