What is Quasar Festival? 
Quasar Festival is a three day Flow, Art, & Music Festival hosted by Ultimate Flow Objects and Starborn Universe. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience multiple workshops, art installations, competitions, music, fire circles and so much more.

Where is Quasar Festival located?
The Festival will be held in Commerce, Texas, at the Blackland Ranch Wholeness Center.
Address: 445 FM 71, Commerce Texas 75428

When is Quasar Festival?
The Festival will start at 12pm (CT) on Friday October 11 and will continue through Sunday October 13. Guests will need to depart by 12pm the following day (Monday, October 14).

Is there Early Arrival?
YES. Gates for early arrival will open Thursday, October 10 at 4pm (CT) and will close at 11pm. NO additional ticket needed.

When can I arrive for the Festival?
Gates will be open Thursday October 10 from 4pm (CT) until 11pm, Friday October 11 from 9am until midnight, AND Saturday October 12 from 9am until noon.

Are there age restrictions for this event?
YES. ALL ages are allowed, however attendees under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at ALL times. ALL children 14 and under are required to wear hearing protection while near any of the stages within the festival grounds.

Will there be an ATM on the Festival grounds?
NO. A shuttle bus will be running to and from the local Walmart (schedule TBD closer to event date) and attendees will have access to an ATM there during those times.  

Will there be a general store?
YES. The general store will be located in the main area of the festival grounds.

Where can I buy my weekend pass for this Festival?
Click here to purchase your tickets.

If I have a question about my order, who should I contact?
Please contact [email protected] for any questions, comments, and/or concerns.

Are there single day passes?
NO. Only 3 day passes are available. 

Are there different passes for each day? 
NO. Each wristband is valid for the entire weekend.

Are payment plans available?

Will tickets for the event be available at the door/box office?
NO. ALL tickets must be purchased online before entry. We will NOT be holding any extra tickets at the door/box office.

Can a friend pick up my ticket(s) for me at will call/box office?
NO. The buyer of the ticket(s) must be present with a valid form of ID. Names MUST match.

Are you hiring workers, volunteers, and/or photographers?
YES. Please fill out the Volunteer Application to apply and we will be in contact. Be sure to list any particular skills in the message form.

Are you accepting artist submissions?
YES! Please fill out the Artist Application to apply for the opportunity to perform at Quasar Festival. An acceptance or denial response will be sent to performer after review.

Can I submit an application to vend this Festival?
YES. Please fill out our Vendor Application to apply. An acceptance or denial response will be sent to vedor after review. 

Can I vend from my tent?
YES. As long as you have a foot vendor pass. You can purchase yours here. 

Will I be able to shop at Quasar Festival?
YES. There will be vendors present on the festival grounds.

Is camping included in my weekend pass?
YES. Camping is included in each pass.

Does this event have car-side camping?
NO. Car-side camping is NOT permitted, however onsite parking will be available (unless it rains, in which case an offsite lot will be used).

Are campfire’s allowed at our campsite?
NO. Campfire’s are NOT allowed in the campgrounds. However, there will be designated fire pit areas located in the festival grounds.

I am going to the festival but not camping, am I allowed in the camping area?
YES. ALL wristbands have access to campgrounds even if you are not camping. 

Can my friends and I camp together?
Camping specifically next to another group would require arriving together.  We will NOT hold any spots for campers who are NOT present at initial arrival. Meeting up outside the venue before entering would guarantee camping together. Keep in mind the campground is not that big so you’ll never be far from your crew.

Is there a hotel nearby?
YES. There are hotels 25 minutes from Blackland Ranch in Greenville, TX. 
Click here to view hotels

Do I need to purchase a parking pass?
NO. Each wristband includes parking.

Is there onsite parking?
YES. Unless it rains, parking will be in a designated area near the campgrounds.

What if it rains? Where will I park?
If it rains we will need to park everyone’s vehicle offsite in the local Walmart parking lot.

Will I be able to access my car throughout the weekend?
YES. Vehicles parked on site will be accessible throughout the weekend.

Will there be transportation from the airport to the Festival?
YES. We will be offering shuttle rides from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to Blackland Ranch. This is approximately a 1-1.5 hour drive and the shuttle will be operating on a (estimated) 4 hour round trip cycle. You can purchase shuttle tickets here. More details will be provided closer to the event date.

Will there be shuttles running from the hotel to the Festival each day?
YES. A shuttle schedule will be released closer to event date.

What workshops will be available?
Each flow prop will have multiple workshops throughout the weekend. Different difficulty leveled classes will be available as well. Schedule TBD closer to event date.

What competitions are going to be held at Quasar Festival?
The Festival will be hosting an orbit competition, gloving competition, and a surprise prop competition. Other games, challenges, and activities will be available as well.

Can I sign up to teach a workshop?
YES. Please fill out our instructor application  to apply. An acceptance or denial response will be sent to the instructor after review.

When can we expect to see the line up for workshop instructors and artists?
The complete lineup of artists, workshops, and their instructors will be released closer to the event date.

Will food be available?
YES. Food vendors will be available for all attendees. However, you are encouraged to bring your own food as well.

Will alcoholic beverages be available for purchase?
No. Alcohol will not be available for purchase. Individuals over 21 may bring their own.

Will there be a water fill up station?
YES. One water station will be available in the campgrounds and another available in the festival grounds. We will NOT be selling plastic water bottles. However, we WILL be selling eco-friendly water bottles in the general store to use at the water stations.

Can I purchase ice?
YES. Ice will be available in the general store.